An Expat’s Guide to Restaurants in Prague

An Expat’s Guide to Restaurants in Prague

One of my biggest guilty pleasures, especially since moving to Prague, is eating out at local restaurants. One of the amazing things about Prague is that the cost of living here doesn’t preclude people from trying out different restaurants in the city, as the prices are typically so reasonable! Tourists are typically shocked at the prices in Prague compared to their own countries or cities, especially in comparison to other major European and US capitals. This just means you have that much more opportunity to try all of the interesting types of cuisine that Prague has to offer!

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Because I love to eat out, and I love trying new restaurants and cuisines, I’ve compiled a nice little list for myself of my favorite restaurants in Prague for essentially every budget and taste. I had the amazing opportunity to be sponsored by four of my local “spots” to create a video featuring these four incredible restaurants:

These four restaurants are ones that I eat at all the time, but of course there are other restaurants in the city that regularly see me when I’m in town. Unfortunately, Prague is one of those cities where it is incredibly easy for the unsuspecting tourist to be ripped off by businesses looking only for a piece of the action. There are, however, a ton of really amazing restaurants that are great value and provide excellent meals. I think it’s so important for tourists coming to Prague to take advantage of all of the local flavors, as well as the international cuisine that has recently flooded the city. These are my top spots for each type of cuisine:

L: Lunch Menu Available (with lower prices than the regular menu)

$: 50-200 CZK, $$: 200-350 CZK, $$$: 350-500 CZK, $$$$: 500 CZK+


Bad Jeff’s Barbeque (L, $$$)

Bad Jeff’s beats some of the best barbeque I’ve had back at home! They serve up ribs, brisket, wings, and my favorite, mac and cheese (with truffle oil!). They’re located near Náměstí Miru in Prague 2, one of the prettiest neighborhoods in the city. Check out the YouTube video above to learn more!

Pavilon Grebovka ($)

Pavilon Grebovka is an absolute gem to visit in the summer. It’s tucked away in Havličkovy sady, a public park in Prague 2. The restaurant has a grill where you can get Czech barbeque dishes like grilled sausage, and it overlooks a vineyard that sits behind a gorgeous chateau. This place isn’t frequently visited by tourists like the vineyard at Prague Castle, but it’s an equally beautiful place to enjoy Prague’s sunshine and gardens in the warm summer months.

Bars (for drinks and food!)

Beer Geek ($)

Beer Geek went from a specialty beer store to a craft beer bar located right at the Jiřiho z Poděbrad metro station. It’s a really cool bar with great atmosphere and a ton of beers from all over the world on tap. They’ve recently started serving wings ranging from Ranch to Godzilla, served with fries, and those absolutely hit the spot when you’re out for a few pints with friends.

Prosekárna ($-$$$$)

This is an (aptly named) Prosecco bar that I was recently introduced to which is such a hidden treasure. It’s in a fairly busy part of the city, but you would never know how interesting it was without going in! It feels like having drinks in your friend’s really fancy living room, but their bottles of Prosecco are amazing. If you’re headed out for an evening with a group of friends, or you want a nice beverage to start off your evening, I definitely recommend this one!

T-Anker (L, $$)

T-Anker is a rooftop bar and restaurant located on top of the Kotva building at Náměstí Republiky. Because of its location about 10 minutes away from Old Town Square, the views from the outdoor terrace are some of the best to be found in Prague. The entrance is a little tricky to find (walk around the Kotva building to the left from the main entrance, and you’ll see an elevator on your left-hand side). Make a reservation for a table outside on the terrace if you want to enjoy the views- this place tends to fill up quickly!

V11 Wine Bar and Deli ($-$$$$)

Before I moved to Prague 2, I would be at this wine bar at least weekly. It’s a tiny wine cellar on a side street near theJiřiho z Poděbrad metro station, and their selection of wine is amazing. They have bottles and glasses for absolutely everyone’s price range, with helpful staff that are willing to answer questions for you if you know nothing about wine. They also have a great selection of meats, cheeses, olives, and bread that make a great appetizer or snack. In the summer, they set up a patio outside of the cellar so that you can enjoy under the stars (until the 10 pm quiet hour begins!).

Zanzibar ($-$$)

Zanzibar is located nearby Bad Jeff’s in Prague 2. I love this place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and wine! They have great wine that you can order by the carafe (and they even give you free tap water to go with it!). In the summer, they set up quite a few tables outside so you can relax under the peaceful green trees and gorgeous buildings of Vinohrady.

Cafés (for both coffee and food!)

Café Lounge (L, $$)

Café Lounge is a little more up-scale than the traditional coffee house in Prague, but still boasts a nicely decorated interior, several rooms with cute tables and seating areas, and most importantly, excellent coffee. You’ll also find a daily lunch menu with beautifully presented food still for a decent price (usually under 200 CZK for lunch).

Café Louvre (L, $$)

Café Louvre is one of Prague’s famous historic cafés that has served patrons like Einstein and Kafka. The interior is lavishly decorated with high ceilings and waiters in bow ties. The atmosphere, however, is not as pretentious as you might expect. This is a great place to grab brunch on the weekend when you have time to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. The lunch menu is less expensive than the regular menu, but is in Czech only, so bring your Google translate app!

Café Savoy ($$)

Café Savoy is another of Prague’s most famous cafés. It’s arguably more up-scale than Café Louvre, but with a similar style. You can imagine the historic atmosphere after just a minute in this restaurant. The food, coffee, and pastries certainly do not disappoint!

Kavárna Pražírna ($)

Located near I.P. Pavlova, Kavárna Pražírna is a true local spot where you’ll often find young Czechs and expats alike basking in the glow of this cosy coffee house. They offer some food, including a great potato bake, but their coffee is really just incredible.

La Boheme Café ($)

Located just off Vinohradska in Prague 2, this is a popular café with somewhat of a hipster vibe. They have excellent coffee, good pastries, and some interesting cocktails. It’s a fairly close walk from Náměstí Miru or Riegrovy Sady.

Žižkavárna ($)

Žižkavárna is located close to the Žižkov TV Tower, and is a small café with local charm. You’ll find friends gathered here to chat, students and young adults typing away on laptops, or locals reading the local newspaper. This is a small café with only a few tables, but it’s an excellent place to rest for a while if you’re in the neighborhood.


A divadlo pokračuje ($)

This is a pub located between the Pohořelec tram stop and Prague Castle (Hradčanské náměstí). You’ll find all of the traditional Czech classics, plus a great terrace overlooking Petrin Hill and the Strahov Monastery. The history of this particular place is really interesting- check out the YouTube video above to hear more!

Kolonial (L, $)

Kolonial is a great restaurant for tourists at lunch because it’s located in the heart of Old Town (just across the street from the old Jewish cemetery in Josefov), and offers an inexpensive but delicious lunch menu. Be sure to ask for the lunch menu (they have it in English and Czech) instead of the regular one, the regular one is much more expensive!


La Gare (L, $$$)

La Gare is a French restaurant located near Nam. Republiky, next to the Old Town Hilton hotel. I was skeptical before first visiting because of its location and proximity to major hotel chains, but I was pleasantly surprised. The food is delicious, the wine selection is great, and the service was good. I plan to go back, and I would recommend a visit for a nice night out!


Hurry Curry (L, $$)

Hurry Curry is my local curry spot, and I’ve just fallen in love. Their food is generally less expensive than other options, and they don’t have a fancy restaurant to eat it in, but you cannot beat this take out. Their sauces have excellent flavors, their portions are very generous, and the staff is SUPER friendly.

Indian Jewel (L, $)

Indian Jewel is a great place for lunch in the city center. It’s located only about 5 minutes from Old Town Square, and it offers a daily lunch menu for a very discounted price! They always offer their Monday option (Butter Chicken), but have different options rotating Monday-Friday. If you’re looking for an inexpensive lunch in the city center, this is a go-to, as their regular menu is much more expensive (you may even catch me there on my lunch break!).

K the Two Brothers ($$$)

Looking for a fancier night out for Indian food? K the Two Brothers is the place to be! The atmosphere of this place is relaxed and upscale. The prices are a bit higher than the usual fare in Prague, but the quality of the food is top-notch and delicious!

The Pind (L, $$)

When I lived in Žižkov, this was my PLACE. I still go back to visit even though I’ve moved a few tram stops away, as the food is delicious and it’s a good place to grab a meal without too much fuss. In the summer, they have outdoor seating which is very casual and lovely.


Grosetto Náměstí Miru ($$)

There are a couple locations of Grosetto across the city, but the one at Náměstí Miru is my favorite by a long-shot. The food at this one is the best, in my opinion, and it’s a nice restaurant with a great menu. In the summer, their terrace is an absolutely lovely retreat in an otherwise busy part of the city.

La Finestra ($$$$)

This is arguably one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life. The chef is Italian, and the menu reflects that. La Finestra also features an excellent selection of meats and fish which is sometimes otherwise difficult to find in Prague. They have an incredible selection of wine with a sommelier that can make recommendations. This is the perfect restaurant for a special night out. You’ll need a reservation for this one!

Wine Food Market ($$)

There are a couple of locations of the Wine Food Market around Prague, but I always visit the one in Smichov. It is a little out of the way in terms of Prague’s Old Town, but it really is only a quick tram ride away from Mala Strana. The Wine Food Market has a gourmet food court style restaurant that uses ingredients imported straight from Italy. They also have a café and shop where you can find excellent bottles of wine, and deli favorites like prosciutto, cheese, and olives.


Hanil ($$$)

Hanil is a fancier Japanese/sushi restaurant near the Žižkov TV Tower. They have main courses that are quite good and are nicely presented. Their sushi rolls are beautiful, and while I don’t eat fish, I do hear that it is some of the best sushi in Prague. I often visit to sit at the bar and order some appetizers, which is plenty to fill me up and enjoy and nice, quiet evening.


Burrito Loco ($)

If you want a down and dirty burrito at any time of the day (really, it’s a 24/7 place), head over to one of Burrito Loco’s locations. There’s a bigger one near Ujezd between Smichov and Mala Strana, but there are smaller take-away locations across the city. I wouldn’t call this fine dining, per say, but it does the job if you need a taco!

Las Adelitas (L, $$)

Las Adelitas is one of my most-frequented restaurants in Prague. It serves traditional Mexican cuisine, plus delicious drinks with help from their extensive tequila menu. There are three locations of Las Adelitas, and the food at each is a little different in preparation; my favorite location is the one on Lucemburska, just minutes away from the Jiřiho z Poděbrad metro station.


Gran Fierro (L, $$$$)

This restaurant is located just around the corner from Narodni Divadlo (the national theatre), and is an Argentinian steakhouse. You’ll find excellent steaks, plus tapas, empanadas, and superb wine! Check out the YouTube video above for more information.


Kofein (L, $$)

Kofein is a great restaurant in Prague when you know you want to spend time chatting with friends. They serve hot and cold tapas dishes with local ingredients and recipes, and have an excellent atmosphere to go with it! Check out the YouTube video above for more information!


Lemon Leaf (L, $$)

Lemon Leaf is a great place to go if you’re looking for thai food, with a mix of other south east Asian options. It’s not as fancy so you don’t feel the need to dress up if you don’t want to, but it also has a level of sophistication that makes it a nice evening out. The food is absolutely delicious, too!

Noi (L, $$)

If you want a fancier evening and some of the best pad thai in central Europe, you’ll definitely have to check out Noi. It’s located near the Ujezd tram station, and the ambiance is certainly more up-scale than the average Prague restaurant, but the experience is unparalleled for this type of cuisine.


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  1. Man I wish I had this list when I was in Prague last year! Unfortunately I didn’t have the best food experience there but the city was still gorgeous. I love the video you’ve included, very well done!

  2. I enjoyed watching your video. They are all nice and cozy restaurants. My fave is ‘A divadlo pokračuje’ because of the view. I’m pretty sure that it’s so relaxing to eat there. I’d love to visit Prague someday.

  3. Whoo! That’s an impeccable list! Being a foodie I might end up just exploring the restaurants that the places of interest in Prague! Lolz.
    Beer Geek might be the first place I head to!

  4. Its a great idea to rely on advise from locals and expats on the recommended eating places in a city, because the recommendation is based on multiple experiences with the same restaurant/cafe, and consistency is what defines quality.

  5. I absolutely loved the video. I too have tried some of the restaurants and the food as you mentioned is exquisite. The food is for sure important but I also like to factor in the ambiance which you certainly feel strongly about. Perhaps the very most important thing along with the food is the company. If the company isn’t good the food has a hard time to pull the experience up. I just love to have great company.

  6. Ohh I’d love to visit Prague someday, it’s definitely one of the cities I have on my list of places to visit! This is some great information about the city, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. In addition to great scenery and warm people what I value most is good food in a new town. I like the comprehensive breakdown of the available options when it comes to meals! I love the video as well ??

  8. I quite rarely pay much attention to choosing restaurants. I usually just check the number of people and ambiance of the place and make my choice. I agree that sometimes it would be helpful to collect more information beforehand. Thanks for sharing.

  9. A well curated list of restaurants and bars to go to in Prague. T-Anker, the rooftop bar has intrigued my interest as well as the Prosecco bar. I have never heard of such a bar tailored to Prosecco. I must go to Prague!

  10. This is a great list! I’m making an expats guide to restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City right now, which is great 😀 This is such a helpful resource and I’m sure so many people will appreciate the information vid. The V11 Wine Bar and Deli sounds super cool, I’m a huge fan of wine cellar digs 😀

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