Bath, England

Bath, England

Where to stay: ​I haven’t personally stayed overnight in Bath because I haven’t really needed to (one day is plenty of time to see Bath!), but it looks like there are a couple of great options on Hostelword. It would be ideal to find accommodation near the centre of the city where all of the shopping and attractions are. When I visited Bath, I spent that entire day walking around and was able to cover a large part of the city, so you should be within walking distance of some great things no matter where you are!

Where to eat: The Pump Room is attached, essentially, to the Roman Baths right in the middle of the city, and it looks absolutely beautiful, the perfect place to enjoy a proper Afternoon Tea! It may be a little pricey, but I think it may also be one of those experience things if you’re willing to go for it! There’s also some small cafés and pubs scattered around the city which are just heavenly.

What to do: ​Bath is known as one of the most famous hot spring cities in the Roman Empire. The Roman baths are still there, and available for you to visit, and it’s not to be missed! You do have to pay for entry, but you get to walk through the entire museum and ruins with a very informative audio guide. At the end of the museum, you even get to try some of the water from the springs (it’s warm and tastes more like iron then water, just a forewarning…) I would also recommend walking up to the top of the Bath Abbey- the Abbey is right next to the baths, and they offer a tour which brings you to the very top of the tower. The view from the top is one of the most breathtaking sites you’ll be able to see in a city, and you can even see a bird’s eye view of the Roman baths because they’re right next to the cathedral! I ended my day in Bath by having a coffee at a café on the Pulteney Bridge, which is a bridge that crosses the Avon River and has stores and such built onto it (much like a smaller version of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence!) I would definitely recommend at least checking the bridge out, as the area is very pretty. There are even some restaurants underneath and next to it that would give you a great little place to eat and enjoy some beautiful scenery.

Overall Opinion: I truly enjoyed my trip to Bath, and I’m very excited that I’ll be getting to visit it again in July! I really love Roman history, so Bath is a really cool place to visit from that respect. I also really love that it’s a pretty laid back city that is still really gorgeous and has enough to see and do to keep you occupied, even if that means just walking the streets an admiring the architecture or sitting at a café and people watching. When we first drove into the city, my first thought was “this looks like the English version of the South of France!”, and I really think it is- it has just the right amount of charm and quirkiness mixed in with a subtle beauty, great sites, and a great atmosphere. Definitely a to-see city!

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