Cambridge, England

Cambridge, England

Where to stay: Unfortunately, there aren’t really great options for cheap accommodation in Cambridge. There are a lot of Airbnb rentals listed, but most of them are pricier than in other cities. There are two hostels listed on Hostelworld, but neither is priced at a hostel-level. My recommendation would be to book early and try to grab one of the cheaper Airbnb rooms (there are some good ones!), or to schedule a day-trip to Cambridge while you stay in another city in England. If your Airbnb comes with the use of a bike, that would be a huge bonus, as Cambridge is extremely bike-able.

Where to eat: ​Cambridge is very much a student city, so I would recommend checking out the plentiful array of pubs and coffee shops. Go local in this city! There are some really great spots to grab some classic English fare. While I don’t have any recommendations on specific restaurants, this is the kind of city where wandering around and stumbling upon a small pub will be the best way to go!

What to do: ​The university dominates the sites in Cambridge, and to be honest, there aren’t a ton of other “things to see”, aside from the beautiful architecture. Wander around the different colleges of the university, and choose the ones that would be most interesting to you. Be sure to find the Bridge of Sighs at St. John’s College (modeled after the one in Venice), as it’s in a bit of a quieter area and is also surrounded by a gorgeous green space. If you want a true stereotypically Cambridge experience, try taking a punting tour on the River Cam! You’ll get a great view of the university in a way that most people don’t ever get to see, and some great insights from your guide.

Overall Opinion: ​I really loved Cambridge just because of how truly beautiful it is! The university buildings are absolutely gorgeous, and the city feels like a quaint English city that’s ripe for exploring. Cambridge is certainly the type of city you’d be able to visit in a day trip, but that doesn’t mean it should be missed! Definitely add Cambridge to your list if you’ll be in England for a while and have the time to stop by. If you’re choosing between Oxford and Cambridge, however, I think I’m Team Oxford- Oxford has more to see and do when compared to Cambridge (in my opinion).

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