Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Where to stay: Copenhagen is a great city with many different accommodation options.  I did not personally stay in the city, but I do know that there are plenty of hostels available, as well as Airbnb options.  Staying near the old part of the city will be your best bet (as usual), because there’s a lot to see and do within walking distance!

Where to eat: If you’re in Copenhagen when the weather is nice, try finding a spot at one of the outdoor cafés at the old harbor.  The scenery at the harbor is colorful and gorgeous, and there’s plenty of places to eat or grab a pint.  If you’re looking for something really affordable and different, try out Copenhagen Street Food.  Copenhagen is in the process of renovating the waterfront area to make it very affordable and pedestrian friendly.  Part of this project has been to turn two warehouses into a space where local vendors have come to bring all sorts of different food at extremely low prices.  I’m pretty sure I even heard someone say that the food is price-controlled here, so they can’t charge over a certain amount!  There’s a whole outdoor eating area, as well as places inside, so you’re sure to find a place to sit, relax, and enjoy the beautiful new harbor space!

What to do: Copenhagen is the type of city where you can just walk forever and continue to find new and interesting things to see.  I would recommend starting your day by taking a free walking tour of the city.  The one that I took started at the beginning of the large pedestrian street, and was really amazing.  This will give you a really great intro to the city, and help you to decide what else you might want to see or do!  They also offer a night-time pub crawl if you’re interested in checking something like that out.  There’s a ton of museums in the city, many of which have free entry, so if you’re on a budget, that would be another great thing to check out.  You should also be sure to spend an afternoon down at the old harbor wandering around.  There are boat tours available (your tour guide will give you some advice about these) which take you on a nice boat ride through the waterways of the city, giving you a much different perspective of Copenhagen.  There’s also a theatre at the waterfront, as well as tons of cafés, restaurants, and bars, all of which have a great atmosphere.

Overall Opinion: I absolutely loved Copenhagen- it was one of those cities that I walked through thinking that I could definitely live there.  It’s a very “homey” city, meaning that it’s very comfortable to walk around, and the locals are extremely friendly and welcoming.  I also thought that the city was just really beautiful, the architecture is gorgeous.  There are a ton of great cafés to explore, beautiful sail boats at the harbor, and it is extremely pedestrian friendly.  Just as an example, Copenhagen is home to the longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe at just over a kilometer (trust me, it’s quite long, I walked it…). I would definitely recommend visiting Copenhagen and enjoying all that this amazing Scandinavian city has to offer. As an added bonus, Copenhagen is located very close to some great spots in Sweden, so there are plenty of opportunities for day trips!

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