Tenby, Wales

Tenby, Wales


Where to stay: ​Tenby is a really small seaside town in a really small country, so finding an inexpensive place to stay is a challenge. There aren’t any hostels listed in Tenby on Hostelworld, and there is only one Airbnb rental listed (which, for $79 per night, actually looks great). Tenby is the town of bed and breakfasts, which is definitely a more expensive route to go. Because of all of this, you might want to consider a day trip to Tenby from another Welsh city like Swansea or Cardiff, as you’ll definitely be able to find cheaper accommodation and simply book a train or coach to Tenby.

Where to eat: Going to Tenby is quite similar to visiting some seaside towns on the East Coast of the US. It has a bunch of small take-away type places where you can get fish and chips and burgers right on the beach, and that’s the way to go if you’re looking for cheap food! There are also a couple small cafés and restaurants in the town centre where you’ll find cheap seafood options if you’re looking for something better than a chip shop.

What to do: ​Tenby is a fabulous place to visit during the summer because it’s the quintessential British beach town with a ton of great summertime activities to do. Definitely plan some time to explore the beach areas, there are some interesting castle-like buildings to walk around, plus a couple of nice beaches to relax on if the weather is nice. I also highly recommend taking a “Seal Safari“. I realize that this sounds unbelievably lame, but it was actually a really incredible boat tour of the islands off the coast of Tenby, and they’re able to get you extremely close to seals playing and sunbathing around those islands. Definitely worthwhile! There are also some great hiking trails near Tenby in Pembrokeshire, so if you’re interested in seeing some beautiful natural scenery, you might want to check some of those out.

Overall Opinion: Tenby is a great little town to visit on a day trip in Wales. It truly showcases some of the beauty that Wales, particularly the Welsh coast, has to offer. On a sunny day, almost nothing is better than enjoying an afternoon strolling along the colorful buildings at the coast in Tenby, truly a slice of British heaven!


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