Study Hard Travel Smart “3 Days in…” travel guides provide you with:

  • A  3-day itinerary for one city
  • An hourly schedule with specific sites to visit
  • Restaurant suggestions
  • Opening hours, cost, and website for each suggested place

Why buy a Study Hard Travel Smart “3 Days in…” travel guide? 

These guides take the guess work out of a short trip.  They’re designed to get you to as many places as possible without overwhelming you with choices.  Many travel guides provide just too many things, so I’ve created these guides in order to streamline the process for you- especially when you only have a long weekend to see an entire city!

What makes these guides different from the big guide books I can get in a bookstore?

These guides are much more condensed than those offered in book stores.  More importantly, they’re designed with students (read: travelers on a budget) in mind.  I always try to find the most interesting places, and string them together in logical itineraries so that you’re not wasting too much time getting from place to place.  With the “3 Days in…” guides, you won’t have to spend hours pouring over guides and books to figure out what to see- your entire weekend is planned for you!

What if I’m not interested in all of the places/sites in the itineraries? 

Of course there will always be one or two things in a general guide that doesn’t float your boat.  If you find that you like the guide, but don’t love all of the spots, book a travel consultation!  Each travel consultation results in a travel itinerary created just for you.  I would love to work with you to provide you with the perfect trip tailor-made just for your interests and travel style.


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