A New Yorker’s Favorite Spot in New York City!

A New Yorker’s Favorite Spot in New York City!

I grew up about an hour north of the city, and desperately miss having constant opportunities to pop in on NJ Transit for a visit. Last month, I was visiting home for a couple of weeks and made the rounds to all of my favorite places, including New York City. I was playing host to my boyfriend, so of course I wanted to show him my “spots” in New York. We had a chance to try some new places, including Gallow Green at the Mckittrick Hotel, which I highly recommend. No matter how many times I visit NYC, however, there’s one spot that I always try to make it back to.

Standing on the Brooklyn Bridge, and then in DUMBO after a walk over from Manhattan, is the absolute best day that I can imagine in New York City. It’s just far enough outside of the hustle and bustle of the city that you can relax a bit, but it’s also close enough to appreciate the incredible beauty of the Manhattan skyline. There are some great restaurants and cafés to check out on the Brooklyn side of the bridge, and it seems like more have popped up every time I go. A visit over here makes for a great day out if you’re spending a few days in NYC (especially in the summer when the heat will drive you to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory!).

While I was home visiting for a bit, I made another travel video to add to my YouTube channel, check it out!

7 thoughts on “A New Yorker’s Favorite Spot in New York City!

  1. I love Dumbo and BK! I lived in Boerum Hill for a few months last year so your blog post brought memories back!! 🙂 Would definitely enjoy shake shack or pizza while watching the sunset hehe

  2. Aaaaw… Missing NYC so much…. I lived for 3 yrs but never got the chance to walk by the Brooklyn Bridge:( Thanks for sharing…. next visit, I’ll make sure I will walk that bridge hehehe

  3. I went to New York a long time ago (Oh, my god, way back in high school !). I would love to go back now ☺ and will definitively try the Gallow Green at the Mckittrick Hotel. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Some places just seem to connect with us on a deeper level. I would have put it down to memories but that isn’t always true. I think it is sort of like falling in love!

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